Observatory Tower


It is the intention of the Owners' Corporation that all works proceed smoothly with minimal inconvenience to other residents.

Residents intending to undertake any type of alterations or renovations to their lot must obtain approval from the Building Manager and the Executive Committee.

Alterations Application (Requires Adobe Reader) Download Adobe Reader

What may seem a simple addition or installation could breach various Building and Fire Safety Codes. To prevent this, and to avoid unnecessary costs, please contact the Building Manager, who will advise you on any necessary procedures.

Depending on the scope of work described in a proposal, it may be necessary for the resident to provide some or all of the following information:

  • Copy of detailed plans and specifications. These may have to be forwarded to the building's architects for approval, at the resident's expense.
  • Copy of approvals from relevant authorities (e.g. Sydney City Council).
  • License details and certificates of currency for relevant insurances of the proposed builder

The Owners' Corporation may impose certain conditions on a project (e.g. limiting the hours of noisy works etc). Hours of work are generally 7.30am - 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 3pm Saturday except that:

  • Noisy works (e.g. repeated concrete drilling, incessant hammering etc) must not start before 9am and no noisy works are permitted on weekends.
  • The builder is to provide 36 hours written notice of any long-term noisy works to the Concierge or the Building Manager.
  • Silent works (e.g. painting) can take place at any hour if there is no impact on neighbouring apartments.


The front door to each apartment is a fire-rated door and is the property of the Owners' Corporation. Fire Regulations and Codes apply to these doors. They are inspected annually by authorities.

What may seem like a minor adjustment (e.g. changing the locks, installing deadlocks, flooring changes, peepholes etc) could be a safety hazard to the building and a breach of the Fire Code. Please check with the Building Manager prior to any installation or alterations.

Housekeeping during Works

Apartment doors must be closed and sealed at all times during building works to prevent the escape of dust into common areas.

When removing debris, hallway carpets are to be protected with heavy-duty plastic taped at the edges.

Any damage to common property as a result of these works is to be repaired promptly at the resident's expense. If any common property requires cleaning as a result of building works, please take immediate action. Common property is to be presentable at all times. Where the cleaning of common areas affected by works is not completed to Management's requirements, Building Management may at their judgement, arrange additional cleaning. All costs associated with additional cleaning of any common areas affected by works will be forwarded to the resident undertaking the works.

Hallway carpets and lifts are to be inspected prior to leaving each day and cleaned/vacuumed if necessary.

Housekeeping directions from either the Concierge or the Building Manager are to be carried out promptly.

Rubbish Removal

There is no facility to dispose of builders' refuse at Observatory Tower. It is the responsibility of the builder to arrange removal of such debris.

No debris of any kind is to be placed in the garbage chute or garbage rooms.


Specifications and standards for the installing of hard flooring can be downloaded below or obtained from Building Management.

It remains the responsibility of the owner to ensure neighbouring apartments are not affected by any noise transmission. Notwithstanding any advice from Building Management of the Owners Corporation, it is recommended that specialist acoustic advice is sought at an early stage.

Flooring damaged, under whatever circumstances, will not be claimable against the Owners' Corporation's insurance. This should be covered under your contents insurance policy.

Acoustic Specifications (Requires Adobe Reader) Download Adobe Reader


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